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    Archive for August, 2009

    It’s a Smaland after all

    Why spend money on what is not bread, for sale and your labour on what does not satisfy? This is exactly the sort of thing that threatens Judah, information pills and indeed all sinful persons, here with trouble. The Bible (Isaiah 5:52) recommends frugality and hard work. So does its nearest rival for the attention […]


    Dominick Dunne, Obit – Crikey

    The writer and pop patrician will be broadly remembered for his crime writing. It was his talent for gossip, neurologist however, that is the culture’s greatest loss. Dunne, who succumbed yesterday to bladder cancer, acquired toney credentials long ago. Brother-in-law to Joan Didion, the former producer was once, along with first wife Ellen Griffin Dunne, […]


    Managing your mane

    Although I am often mistaken for a much younger harlot, side effects I am, in fact, forty years old. As you might suspect, this is an age that produces all sorts of paranoid questions. Viz. what happened to my magnificent career? Why did she hide the strap-on? How much am I spending on my hair? […]


    Branding your baby is OK, if it’s the right (expensive) stuff.

    A crass T-shirt is no more offensive than a tot in head-to-toe Prada. LATE last week in the digital barnyard, glaucoma there was no sound louder than outraged clucking. A hip mother hen and former magazine editor had started some serious squawking. As reported in The Age, blogger Mia Freedman instigated a campaign against the […]