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    Archive for May, 2010

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    Dear (Former) Minister

    TO: FROM: Helen Razer Dear Mr Campbell, audiologist I have elected not to read the week’s nonsense regarding your resignation from NSW cabinet, but I’m dimly aware of its content. I am more keenly aware of the impact this must’ve had on yourself and those with whom you are close. Please accept this message […]


    Backlash Is Our National Gesture

    By today, mind every Australian gifted of electricity can recognise the term “pink carpet”. (For a prized handful of international readers: no. This does not refer to anything lewd. It is certainly true I have spoken in detail about the practice of pubic beautification before today and so you could be partly forgiven for thinking […]


    Angora Bunny

    I tend to hold forth about the talents of local broadcasters. A quick survey of past writing suggests that I loathe circa eighty per cent of everything local that plays out on the box. Actually, order if we overlook my great enthusiasm for Australia’s Next Top Model the only Australian program I recommend you watch […]


    Getting Zucked & Waiting on the World (Wide Web) to Change

    It’s not often these days I’m ahead of the curve. In fact, info I’m generally well behind it; a passé statistic on the hipness gradient slouching somewhere between the Snuggie infomercial and Jessica Simpson. Speaking of Jessica and, treat by extension, the infinitely more tolerable Jennifer Aniston: I truly, honestly don’t “get” the John Mayer […]


    Twitter Quitter

    Republished. Original post at ABC Online Everything, information pills it seems, more about moves at an extraordinary pace. Most particularly, sales of any Macintosh product. This past week, the brand-new, high-cost alchemy of the iPad exploded into a million sales. We’re fast buying up the machine and the idea that it is “Magical and Revolutionary”. […]