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    Archive for March, 2011

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    I Cannot Stomach Food Snobbery

    THERE she was at my pantry. Just as bold and bolshie as a runaway train. As a runaway train fuelled by High Principles and biodiesel. There she was in my pantry with no trace of shame. “Can I help you?” I spat with malice. “No, case I’m fine,” she answered equably. “I’ve found what I’m […]


    A Catastrophic Hit to the Retina

    This year, approved my dear little niece turns ten. Naturally, gynecologist she’s the finest child to ever wear an iPod and, information pills naturally, her birth was that year’s signature event. Or, it was for a happy few days. Petra was born in Texas on a Wednesday afternoon; she wasn’t a week old when two […]


    Someone has poisoned your food

    Someone has poisoned your food. Please, order do not panic. You must, medicine however, medic exercise caution, especially when dining with those who use phrases such as “jus” or say, “I’ll introduce you to the chef”. Such people, often known as gastronomes or foodies, are complicit in the crime of poisoning and, more lately, in […]


    X Marks the Murder of Art

    Last week, prostate I determined to give up for good on my age-mates. This was not the first time I’d despaired for the mores and talents of my so-called Generation-X; but if I resigned my X credentials, pharmacy I reasoned that it could plausibly be the last. For the most part, that Gen-X group, born, […]


    Welcome to Intolerance

    Dear Sir and Madam Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, look Last Saturday at 8.05 PM AEDST on the Foxtel Arena broadcast of your Mardi Gras parade, online the performer “Penny Tration” referenced the Indigenous welcome ceremony to your event. “An Aboriginal smoking ceremony?” she asked, “How do they fit an Aboriginal in a tally-ho […]