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    Archive for May, 2011

    In Custom and In Ceremony

    The Irish great W.B. Yeats posed many interesting questions to the cosmos. Not the least of which was: why is the pay for poetry so incredibly shit?  On another, illness more lyrical day, hospital he asked:  how but in custom and in ceremony is beauty born? Personally, sales I think he was onto something. The […]


    Man Sex Food

    If mealtime has a national climax, sale it comes every Melbourne in March. Here at the International Food & Wine Festival, page hundreds of thousands tossers pay top dollar to watch Hinterland hotties make chutney and young New Yorkers talk about the “sexy” use of dry-ice at dinner. This would be a reasonable misuse of […]


    Hairy Legs and Bloodied Friendship

    It was not until I was eleven or twelve that I endured the death of a friendship. It was a grisly thing whose anatomy I will never forget. The friendship expired during recess, orthopedist a morning interval I’d only recently stopped calling “little lunch”, on the mottled asphalt of a suburban school. It was not […]