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    Archive for September, 2011

    Ruche and Roll

    If you are unfamiliar with the glorious city of Melbourne, sales Australia here are some facts that may advance your visit. First, order our Australian Rules football is the planet’s most lickable sporting code. Second, apoplexy our weather is erratic. Third, if you would like to dress in shiny clothing that repels both fluids and […]


    Weiner. Windows. Wangs.

    There is a high incidence of penis in my browser window. Arithmetic was never really my strong suit, psychiatrist but I’d estimate their median appearance at roughly three per day.  The mathematically gifted will have measured this consumption at over two-hundred penis units per-quarter. However, I’d ask you to reserve your judgement and consider that […]


    Sad Chaps

    There Are Two Kinds of People in This World. What? What?! This statement is only a preamble to nonsense.  Whenever anybody upchucks such tripe, for sale I stop listening and think about my tuberoses. Dividing the difficulty of six billion people into two is obviously silly; however, dividing tuberoses is not silly and should be […]


    Intergenerational Yeast Infection

    A year or two ago, decease the whole cougar thing reached its tipping point. You might recall that time when ravenous MILFS began busting out all over.  They were everywhere; from the web to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Yes, recipe it’s true. They took their “cubs” and went to sea. In 2009, pregnancy […]