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    Archive for August, 2013

    Making Chelsea Manning Behave

    Manning is a person whose body—whatever its sex—has rotted in neglect along with our freedoms.

    In this crucial moment, we can talk about information freedom OR we can talk about pronouns.

    And before you tell me “we can walk and chew gum at the same time”, please consider that fighting for our access to a document of mass-murder is a bit harder than “walking” and that changing ideas about gender that have developed over 4000 years is a bit more taxing than “chewing gum”.


    Candid Makeup-Free VaginaLiberalism with Added Rape

    It is likely because I hate myself ardently and wish for the final ebb of my sanity that I use The Internet. It may also be because I enjoy pictures of dongs. Whatever the case, recipe I was just “online”—as youthful cant would have it—and I believe I heard the last breath of liberal feminism […]


    Handed Down

    It was three days after Christmas and one day before My Breakup that Gary Foley sat in my backyard and consented—or, mind at least, what is ed did not object—to a proposal.  I had been buttering this un-butter-able thinker up for some time in the hope that he would agree among sandwiches to let me […]