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    Archive for October, 2013

    Shutting Down the Self-Esteem Engine

    Oh woe, woe. It is so hard to be a lady when people judge me for my looks.WHY is everyone writing this? Why is the idea so popular?
    Hold forth with any degree of earnestness about ‘body image’ and your thoughts will ricochet around the internet with all the speed and force of Oprah at an ashram buffet.


    Rivers of R4pe

    It was one week ago that an advice column in Slate provided fuel sufficient to burn its witch-author, online Emily Yoffe. We cannot be sure if it was Yoffe or her editors that piled these dry sticks in the town square of Opinion. We can be certain that nothing ignites a live body on the […]


    In Custom and In Ceremony

    Custom. Symbol. Ritual. Despite my efforts in recent months to decry such things, I wanted to concede some ground to the (inevitable) growth of ceremony. Or, at the very least, I wanted to explain my views on the connection of the symbolic to the material.


    An Open Letter to Open Letters to Open Blouses on Miley Cyrus et al

    Either jam the gears of this system of exchange with clever tactics or shut the fuck about it and do not sustain a dull conversation about whether or not some young woman of modest talent “chose” to hump demolition equipment probably risking intimate splinters.