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    Archive for December, 2013

    Happy New Year, You Cock

    I’ve heard a lot about “safe spaces” in 2013. You know, the term didn’t always mean “an assembly of dills committed to say nothing even mildly provocative”. Now, it is used to advertised readings of awful feminist poetry and end-of-year performances for remedial Circus Arts graduates.


    Review: Abortion Snacks

    There are many common injustices women of the developed world endure. Perhaps chief among these is the very, very poor available variety of post-abortion snacks. Feminism has been regrettably silent on the matter of Women and Post-Termination Amuse Bouche. Until now.


    Fifty Shades of Cray

    Please note, the revulsion I feel for this “writing” is not based in morality. I believe BDSM practise to be both entirely legitimate and enormous fun. But as a novice Bottom, I can detect some very false notes and as a Queer, I am terribly annoyed by the way in which the taste for edge-play is seen as some sort of disorder.


    There Ain’t No Sex Cult Like an S-Club Sex Cult

    The lyrical content of S-Club’s well-regarded canticle (There Ain’t No Party) Like an S-Club Party has long held fascination for scholars. Analysts more mentally agile and erudite than myself have attempted formal analysis of its stanzas and I cannot presume to add much to the storied conversation.  However, drugs I humbly propose—Barthesian aversion to biographical […]


    Worst of 2013

    2013 was a marvellous year for idiocy, medstore poor logic and the ongoing failure of capitalism. I celebrate some of the best worst moments in a list that may be expanded if you send me substantial gifts and write sycophantic things about my Wildean wit in the comments. Thanks. By which we mean, medications if […]