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    Lady. Where did our blog go?

    Yes. This blog is a boneyard. For this, we have capitalism and its hunger for human life and leisure to blame. Well. That and my recent discovery that I’d rather speak into a microphone for no money than type into a CMS for no money. Oh, podcasts. All the “kids” (by which we mean former […]


    As Samuel Beckett famously said, “So. I wrote a thing.”

    Right. I’ve written a book, then. I probably shouldn’t have, but it is, in any case, available for sale tomorrow. It is not a terribly important book as it is full of bad sex and largely absent of good politics. There is no noble reason to buy it, and I only recommend that you do […]


    Angora Bunny

    I tend to hold forth about the talents of local broadcasters. A quick survey of past writing suggests that I loathe circa eighty per cent of everything local that plays out on the box. Actually, order if we overlook my great enthusiasm for Australia’s Next Top Model the only Australian program I recommend you watch […]


    Love and Aggregation

    Just about a year ago, prescription I received the oddest email. “Hi, search can we talk,” was its subject; an invitation I rarely decline. Its author, who claimed to be a 14-year-old boy with a rare hormonal disorder, attached a picture of himself to the correspondence. At first blush, the image appeared to be of […]


    Iran’s leader is hot or the pitfalls of genital logic

    Ahmadinejad is hot Helen Razer –The National Times – October 14, syringe 2009 “Ahmadinejad is hot, drugstore ” said my partner as we were watching the telly. This revelation shocked me on several counts. First, I was aghast that she could find anything positive at all to say about a man of whom the world’s […]