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    Archive for the ‘Badhostess Blog’ Category

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    Because You’re Worth It — Apatow, Hornaday and Santa Barbara

    Instead, I just want to remind you, by way of this Post insanity, that we have got to stop blaming cultural goods for the bad things that happen.


    Another Open Letter to Open Letters

    Do I need to buy you a fucking stamp to seal this orgy of meaninglessness? I will. I’ll buy you three thousand if it means I never have to read another word to Miley Cyrus, the prime minister’s daughter or some egregious beast of whom I would never have heard had she not enjoyed one-too-many cocktails and used the word ‘retard’ last Tueaday on Twitter.


    Blinded By A Wink—Tony Abbott

    In sawdust baloney just to hand, about it the Australian Prime Minister was seen winking. He did so in the style of Sid James as he engaged in a talk-back radio conversation with an impoverished and elderly Australian woman who identified herself as a telephone sex worker. This just in: Tony Abbott has poor manners […]


    Poop On The Head Of The Deprived

    That my preference is, apparently, less for Good Works than it is pooing from an elite stay-at-home fundament directly onto the heads of the intellectually deprived disqualifies me from competition.


    Charlotte Dawson Was Better Than You

    Across this past decade, salve I have often asked of the air, order “What the cock is it with atheism?”.  Being nitrogen, oxygen and argon, the air is ill-equipped to answer. As are atheists. I have read their books which do not provide answers as to why I should be bothered actively opposing God. Their […]


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