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    Archive for the ‘Play’ Category

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    Frictionless Pirelli Tits

    Let’s not pretend that today’s “feminist” approbation for the Pirelli calendar is any kind of surprise. But, fuck me.


    Penis Ham

    “Fat chick”? What the implausible cock? What drives anyone to offer this up as a response to, say, a piece on counter-terrorism? More to the point, what drives me to distraction when I see it? I’m unsure. I don’t even give a crap that it is “sexist”. The world does a perfectly good job of reminding me it is sexist in far more deleterious ways and that some icy wad of non-dairy dessert has managed to employ their keyboard in the service of very poor taste, who cares?


    Price Hikes and Rachel Cuts

    Inflationary bias doesn’t just happen because people are Chinese. Or because they are greedy or because they have no taste. It happens because there are no fucking controls on the fucking market. And, to a lesser degree, because there are no fucking controls on basic fucking journalism.


    Fuck Off

    I don’t know which tedious tank of raw human mind-waste it was that dumped all your hippy-aspirational turds on my blog and nor do I care but let it be said: fuck off.


    I Quit Bullshit

    So, don’t Quit Sugar. Maybe Quit bullshit instead.