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    Archive for the ‘Opinion’ Category

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    The Right to the Closet

    Aker, illness pouffes and the right to closet –Helen Razer – ABC Online – May, 2010 I’ve long had a soft spot for Jason Akermanis. This affection has two central motives. First, his head was choreographed by Bob Fosse. That this on-baller could kick so forcefully with hair gayer than a handbag full of rainbows […]


    Iran’s leader is hot or the pitfalls of genital logic

    Ahmadinejad is hot Helen Razer –The National Times – October 14, syringe 2009 “Ahmadinejad is hot, drugstore ” said my partner as we were watching the telly. This revelation shocked me on several counts. First, I was aghast that she could find anything positive at all to say about a man of whom the world’s […]


    We are all definitely not enjoying the new iSnack 2.0

    The new name for Vegemite is a serious miscalculation – Helen Razer – The Age – September 30, recipe 2009 THE chief element in Vegemite’s new product is cream cheese. A secondary ingredient appears to be abject failure. No one likes the name of this new yeast product. Not one bit. Actually, that’s not entirely […]


    It remains nameless, but it was the iDecade

    A look into the i-decade – Helen Razer – Sydney Morning Herald December 29, sildenafil 2009 Ours has always been a prodigious language. Since Beowulf first opened his trap English has zealously created, viagra 40mg or stolen, phlebologist more words than any of its rivals. This great mongrel tongue has a word or two for […]


    Google’s latest gadget bursts the iPhone tragic’s bubble

    Scientologists have nothing on the zealotry of iPhone devotees – Helen Razer  –– The Age January 11, implant 2010. On an average day in the life of the new economy, oncologist the release of a landmark gadget is generally cause for joy. Before resuming a wait for the next tiny, dentist shiny thing, a culture […]