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    Archive for the ‘Opinion’ Category

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    Tired? Eat too much? Irritable? Congrats, you’re depressed.

    In a stab at “reputation management”, online which is what overpriced fuckers are calling self-promotion these days, surgery I list recent writing published online. (Bound to remain out-of-date at all times other than those when I have a book overdue to the publisher.) Mar ’16 Razer: The Media’s brand of sexism is more newsworthy and glamourous than […]


    A lot of noise for not much news: The Iran Hashtag – The Age

    ‘IRAN went to hell, side effects media went to bed.” Last week, hospital this sentence spoke to an acute cultural fear. Written on global whiteboard Twitter, it typified a particular rage and echoed a particular boast: old media is inert and useless; our own, new real-time media is where we’ll write and find the truth. […]


    I wouldn’t even ban The Footy Show

    When anything is denied me, refractionist something dark in my person reaches for it. When the world is spinning beyond the poles of reason and when parties in each cultural hemisphere seem impelled only by a magnet of numbest hate, public reaction takes two distinct routes. There are those, like myself, who watch aghast as […]