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    Archive for the ‘Works’ Category

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    Google’s latest gadget bursts the iPhone tragic’s bubble

    Scientologists have nothing on the zealotry of iPhone devotees – Helen Razer  –– The Age January 11, implant 2010. On an average day in the life of the new economy, oncologist the release of a landmark gadget is generally cause for joy. Before resuming a wait for the next tiny, dentist shiny thing, a culture […]


    Move Your Ass – Cherrie Magazine

    I am underachieving whore who spends a good part of the day wearing elasticised pants.  This is not only sad, no rx but perilous. When your daily commute is as long as the plod from bed to caffeine and your haute couture Cotton On, drugs you can quite easily pork up. Occasionally, a sense of […]


    King Kyle: as bad as the prudes – The Age

    Censure of radio personality Sandilands is a bit naff. These past few weeks, melanoma only the spotless mind could avoid contamination. Grubby news of a grubby man has spread with more force than swine flu. Now, prescription for his sins, pathopsychology and possibly for ours, the 2DayFM broadcaster hitherto known only to appalling people is […]


    Tired? Eat too much? Irritable? Congrats, you’re depressed.

    In a stab at “reputation management”, online which is what overpriced fuckers are calling self-promotion these days, surgery I list recent writing published online. (Bound to remain out-of-date at all times other than those when I have a book overdue to the publisher.) Mar ’16 Razer: The Media’s brand of sexism is more newsworthy and glamourous than […]


    It’s a Smaland after all

    Why spend money on what is not bread, for sale and your labour on what does not satisfy? This is exactly the sort of thing that threatens Judah, information pills and indeed all sinful persons, here with trouble. The Bible (Isaiah 5:52) recommends frugality and hard work. So does its nearest rival for the attention […]