Helen the Unmitigated Fewl has no memory of how to install wp plug-ins so the contact form might be dodgy

If you would like to contact her to (a) offer her money and prestige or (b) engage her for the #Helen100 or (c) remind her that wordpress is actually pretty easy and she is getting old and why can’t she try harder, FFS,  try emailing Helen AT badhostess DOT com.

Or, give this crap a go. It’s probably broken.  OH JUST EMAIL ME.  (Sorry.  Speaking about myself in the third person became tiresome).

Also.  Unless your organisation is super-worthy-IMO and is advocating for, say, Aboriginal land rights,  asylum seekers resources or smashing the state DO NOT ASK ME TO WORK FOR NO MONEY DO NOT ASK ME TO WORK FOR NO MONEY.  The answer will probably be no and then “fuck you. Why don’t you value my labour?”

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