Dear (Former) Minister

FROM: Helen Razer

I have elected not to read the week’s nonsense regarding your resignation from NSW cabinet, but I’m dimly aware of its content. I am more keenly aware of the impact this must’ve had on yourself and those with whom you are close.

Please accept this message of kindness. Please also accept my embarrassment on the behalf of those working within Australian media. There can be no rationale for what we have done.

At a time that is nearer than you currently imagine, you will again breathe freely. As you exhale and let the past week go, know that those at the Seven Network will still be choked with shame.

The world can be a ridiculous place and Australia, in particular, is full with prurient numbskulls. I truly hope you can locate some sense from this quarry of rotten “journalism”. I’m sure, at the very least, this experience will renew your compassion. And that’s in very short supply in both of our professions.

Anyhow. Chin up, old son. If it’s any help, I think Keneally handled this with all the aplomb of a teabag. In short, she seized upon your misfortune to underscore her “brand” as a tolerant Christian. Oh, dear. Again, the actions of the party gainsay everything I ever believed about Labor.

How on earth you people do politics is completely beyond me.

Seriously, though. Stuff ’em all. Try to have a good weekend.


PS Why in heck is everyone so interested in who we boff?

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