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I Quit

Perhaps it is because my little cat died last week and I am feeling naff.

Perhaps it is down to the fact that I am one of those unfortunate sods who became a professional writer before the internet accelerated and I find myself unable to shift gears and write at the breakneck speed tiny wages demand.

Whatever the case, neuropathologist I have had it up to my ill-tended teeth with writing op ed for a living. I quit. It has become an unprofitable pain.

Today I wrote a short piece at the request of an editor. I proposed that Sophie Mirabella, syringe a fairly obscure politician, attracted a level of revulsion with which her influence was incommensurate.

In my head, it was nothing but a reasonably considered jocular urging to the left to hone its thinking and find its focus. I said, don’t look at THAT when you should be looking OVER THERE.  I proposed that Mirabella was disliked more for her personality than for her policy and that progressives might do well to guard against this sort of critique.

On the internet it played out rather differently. And caused me such a headache, I am positive that writing this sort of thing is exactly how I must not spend my labour.

Here’s my piece. My associate Cathy Alexander at Crikey made the same argument a little later in the day. Although Cath didn’t get bollocked, we’re both saying: loathing a political nobody is both an unseemly and destructive progressive behaviour.

I said, very very plainly, that Mirabella was an awful politician but that her bold stupidity combined with her lack of power made her far less terrifying than the Quadrant-crowd.

I said that she is a sideshow; an impotent nothing whose freakish death we applaud while the real circus continues.

Man, I got bollocked. Even more than usual. When former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser singled my article out for derision and several of my colleagues posted this information on social media with no little amusement, I just thought WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. This writing gig is crap.

I got a truckload of bile dumped in my face for a tiny bit of money and even folks I knew quite well rushed to misinterpret my bold claim that this politician is unremarkable and not deserving of, um, such a truckload of bile in the face.

Why did you misread my short piece?

I did NOT say was that Mirabella was above critique. I did NOT say was that Mirabella was subject to a particular kind of critique because she was female. (I made a single reference to Mirabella’s gender at the end of the piece. It wasn’t the argument.) I did NOT say that I loved the Coalition and wished to bathe their feet with my hair while bringing myself to climax on an hairbrush made of illicit ivory.

I just said to take joy in the demise of an impotent twit is the work of impotent twits. It is a waste of hate, I said. Revelling in this smug mudbath makes no sort of sense.

Now, SM might have peed all over her electorate through the “devil-vulva” I describe in a piece that, surely, only a brain made of Roquefort could see as being a defence. But writing about Indi was not my point and it was not my brief. My brief was to write about how the volume and intensity of critique of Mirabella was incommensurate with her status: basically middleweight.

I believe that it’s useful for someone sympathetic to point out logical inconsistencies in popular left argument. Because in this age of micro-niche lifestyle politics, we don’t want to be preaching to the choir than knows only the horrible song of John Butler, now do we? Or. Do we.

I cop it with my critiques. And. No. I am not being egocentric in making this claim. In the past three months, the publications Overland, The Daily Life and The Guardian have published sundry pieces on what a menace to “constructive action” I am. And the newly “left” Malcolm Fraser has left his Government and healthcare-destroying behind him to troll me: The Left’s Enemy.

I continue to express a belief that the left’s infatuation with gesture and symbol and occasion has eclipsed its interest in material justice. Every time I utter this thought, I am called a simpleton because “we can do both at once”.

Except no one is doing both at once.

Why has the symbolic eclipsed the material? Why do we seem to fancy, say, the ceremony over an irrelevant politician’s defeat to actual talk of policy?

I ask these questions and the answer I often get is This Helen Razer Person is Stupid.

I can actually handle the rape “threats” which are little more than the exhaust-vomit from an unwell mechanised-troll but I WILL NOT TOLERATE being called stupid. And racist. That one hurts.

It really hurts my feelings.

Call the Whaaaa-mbulance.

Actually, don’t. Don’t give a shit about my feelings. They’re irrelevant to the broad debate. Which I would continue to happily engage in if paid by the insult. $5 for every affront to my intelligence  $5 for every shitty leftist blog that begins with “What Razer fails to grasp” . $5 for every claim that I write “for the attention”.

But attention is not profitable. What IS profitable is pitching articles like:
(a) isn’t Mirabella awful??
(b) how beautiful it is that same-sex people want to exchange vows??
(c) aren’t loads of Australians racist??? Lucky we’re not!

If I could write these, I’d probably not have had to borrow money for my Eleven cat’s euthanasia.

But I cannot flatter the reader and tend to fracture rather than mirror his views and this, as it turns out, is a REALLY bad way to make a really bad living.

So. Yes. Stuff this. No more. I have to find a new gig. Email career advice to helen AT badhostess DOT com. I currently earn about $420 per week so anything equal-to-or-greater-than that.

Feel at your liberty, as an alleged friend did today, to charge me with being able to “dish it out” while failing to sup on your bitter desserts.

But what I dish out is argument about which I’ve spent most of the day speculating and what I get back is a middle finger and a poverty-line wage. Can’t do it. No more.

In criticising the self-interested inaction of the left, I am not disavowing all that is left. It doesn’t mean I believe I Know What’s Right. I just know what’s wrong when I see it. And bugger me. People have been drawing A LOT of rainbow crossings lately.

And I know this stuff feels good.  Rainbows feel good.  Twibbons feel good. Rainbow Twibbons feel SUPER good and so, too, does hating Sophie Mirabella.  But this infatuation with symbol, gesture and status update is not harmless.  It makes us feel as though we’ve done something. It gives us an illusory sense of change.

But you HATE it when I say this. You HATE it.

So I won’t say it anymore.

I have written capably to a large audience for some time for next-to-nothing. I made a contribution that was not without merit. And one to which you are no longer entitled. Because you give me shit and pay me shit.

All I am really saying is that conditions for the professional writer have become untenable. And I quit because the money is terrible and the snark is worse.

186 Responses to “I Quit”

  1. Sue says:

    Ooh, yes. What Michaela said ~ not a good time to be making major decisions when grieving.

  2. Tim Elliott says:

    If there was a market for self-pity, you ‘d be a billionaire. You write fantastically Helen, but if you want a job in writing, ie, a salary that you can survive on, then you have to be more than just a megaphone for your own opinions.

  3. Mish says:

    You are such an entertaining, thought provoking writer and without a doubt very intelligent. I have also been moved by some things you have written. I believe you are quite wise.

    I completely get your dissatisfaction with the whole gig.

    You have to ask yourself, what would I do if I didn’t write? Would it be a relief or would I feel lost?

    There are lots of people full of hate, it gives them blinkers, stops them from seeing or understanding another point of view. They will always be there ready to jump, irregardless of what you do. If you are in the public eye at all you are a target.
    I hope you can brush them off.

    I do hope you keep wirting.
    There will always be people quietly reading and thinking about what you wrote.

  4. tom says:

    Helen please stay,You’re far more loved than reviled.
    The left hate everyone that isnt as evil as them,being hated by the left is a sure sign that you’re telling the truth,the left hate the truth.
    There is a reason why most conservatives are adults.
    leftism is for kids and idiots who are easily duped into believing almost anything no matter how stupid,(like laber can control the climate with a tax)and the conmen who feed off them.

  5. James Black says:

    You have a gift with words that should not be lost to the public. David Williamson has been writing plays for much of his life. His recent effort on Rupert Murdoch, should inspire other ideas for plays. There are also musicals and revues to consider. Best wishes in your endeavours.

  6. bdbdleeroybrown says:

    I am very sad to see you gone from social media and quitting writing, especially over such a frustrating reason as the bulk of people miss the point. I like to think our one sided relationship goes back to your days on JJJ and being able to interact with you on twitter feels just as rewarding as being able to read the intelligent, oft funny, and sometimes deeply personal things you’ve shared on your site. I hope this is just a momentary hiatus fuelled in part by the death of a pet (as a dog owner I tried my best to put myself in your shoes but found the exercise way too depressing in thought let alone actuality). I know there is no worse platitude in writing than “If I can reach just one person than it has all been worthwhile” but judging by the comments on your site and twitter you are reaching the right people and I hope there is some solace in that if nothing else. Stay well and we optimistically look forward to your eventual return.

  7. Cathy Alexander says:

    Helen, why don’t you try crowd-funding your stories? Put ideas out there on your website and get people to donate to the ideas they like. Set your threshold at what you think is a fair effort for your labour (and sitting around thinking through an idea can take days if not weeks, I get that). When the cash comes in, write for us.

    I was going to tell you you’re great and one of the most interesting and provocative writers out there, but I won’t bother because everyone else in this comment thread has already said it. So there.

  8. Marquis says:

    Love ya guts Helen. Keep on kicking against the pricks. Best of luck.

  9. bdbdleeroybrown says:

    By the by I was always a little disappointed that your twitter name wasn’t “Heidi Racer”

  10. Heidi says:

    I just got offered a job house-cleaning for a real estate company. $40/hour. At that rate, I can clean for about 10 hours a week, earn enough to get by and spend the rest of my time growing my own vegetables and writing whatever the hell I like, whenever I feel like it. I used to do relief teaching, but it fries my brain too much. Cleaning is good exercise and doesn’t wear out the brain cells.
    That’s just my 2 bobs worth.
    P.S. Does Tony Abbott even have anyone, ANYONE who knows anything about science and is not a climate change denier? That’s the sort of thing we should be worrying about, not hating Sophie. Keep stirring us up, we need it.

  11. Patti says:

    Wish I could subsidise your writing Helen. Every time I start to doubt myself when I feel at odds with whatever sociopolitical zeitgeist is enjoying its month in the sun, your writing reminds me that my opinions are complex and valid.

    And your grammar is top notch.

  12. Helen Razer says:

    Heidi. Please feel at your liberty to offer the details of this business if you believe I am qualified?? helen at badhostess dot com

  13. Lou says:

    By the way, your comment on the Grant article is much better than the article itself. That people read that piece, which by design or default, was completely disingenuous in making no attempt to take you on directly, and think “yeah, she nailed it” is mind boggling.
    Does no one want a contest of ideas anymore?
    Anyway just wanted to let you know that YOU nailed it in the comments section of that “Sophie is evil” article.

  14. Di says:

    No! Helen. Just. Fuck, No!
    We need you! I need you. Your writing challenges me, stretches my mind, and frequently pisses me off to be honest, but just as often simultaneously forces me to admit to my own intellectual disingenuousness. I can’t tell you how much that delights me amd how valuable & rare & wonderful it is.
    Where do I send cash?! Seriously. Tell me. It isn’t begging. It’s just a downpayment on whatever you write next.

  15. Tarragon says:

    It’s ironic that an article about being distracted from the real issues by hating one particular irrelevant sideshow, is getting hated on by people distracted by what they think the article is about and not actually reading it.

    I’ve only fairly recently started following your blog Helen, and I’ll miss your writing, but I can certainly understand your position. If it’s not financially viable and causes too much stress, it makes perfect sense to question if it’s the right line of work any more. A lot of what you write has made me think about things in a different way, and I appreciate that challenge to my “normal”. It is too easy these days to find an Internet community and simply circle-jerk.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  16. Amanda says:

    Helen, very sad to see you go. I have always enjoyed your pieces, so wonderfully crafted, something which seems to be getting rarer. Particularly enjoyed the way they make me feel so many things at once in so many directions, really challenging stuff – I felt actual intellectual growth reading them! You will be very missed. Best of luck with your future endeavours, I have every confidence that you’ll do wonderful things, and sincerely hope you find a niche where you’re more truly valued. Thanks for your work to date. xx

  17. Di says:

    Also, I’m really really sorry about your cat. I lost my dog of 13 years not long ago. Adopting her from the shelter may prove to be the thing of most lasting value that I achieve in my life. And I agree wholeheartedly with you. Our animals’ unselfish love teaches us what’s really important.

  18. Diane says:

    ONE WOMAN. ONE FUCKING WOMAN. Happy now bitch leaving us on our own to handle this shit? xxx

  19. Diggo says:

    Somebody please find enough money to keep Helen writing. Helen, please find enough reserves of courage to rise above the hurt and feelings of worthlessness. It is indeed painful to eek out a living as a writer, just as it remains financially painful to make a living in any creative endeavour, really. Be another Margo Kingston if you must, but like her, you will eventually return and be tempted to eat your own vomit again. And I mean that in the nicest possible way – I’m very glad Margo is back and I’ll be equally glad if you find a way to rescind your resignation. I think I’ve read (and enjoyed) nearly every publicly printed word from you since I first devoured In Pursuit Of Hygiene.

    Like a lot of us in the loosely termed “creative” industries, perhaps you need to juggle a few different sources of income rather than relying solely on churning out written words. The days of everyone occupying discrete career silos are gone.

    Let’s put it another way: at lease you arent relying on Pandora and/or Spotify to provide any kind of income after having the gall to think music could be a career choice…more than a few once financially viable career paths have had the phrase “financially viable” airbrushed from the guidance counselor’s pamphlets.

  20. Caitlin says:

    Oh Helen, you don’t need to stop writing op ed but you do need to be paid more. Shit eh?

  21. Richard Laidlaw says:

    Don’t quit, Razer! Sure, the pay sucks (mine’s worse – I generally attract flak for zero dollars) but the rewards are great. You get to write what you think. Bollocks to them as think you’re nuts, that’s what I say.

    Besides, you can’t quit. I’ll miss you :)

  22. Marg says:

    Here’s the drum: I’ve spent a great deal of the last few months defending your writing and your considered opinions to a whole range of, variously, deluded, closed-minded, prudish, childish, socialist, fascist, uneducated twits. People who talk in cliches and wouldn’t take time to assess logically the strength of an argument, even on the promise of the resurrection of Steve Jobs hand delivering to them a shiny new IPad 5.

    So, please Helen, harden the fuck up so my life can continue to have purpose – the defence of beautiful language and creative thinking.
    (Oh, and on a pay per view basis – you’d kill it)!

  23. Mark Lulham says:

    You annoyed the hell out of me but I do recognise that you could write very well.
    Someone suggested earlier to become an English teacher. I am. And I can tell you now – the profession needs skill and passion. You seem to have both.
    Come join us.

  24. Priscilla says:

    So very sad to see you go but I really agree with your analysis of the current landscape. You’re amazing and a thinker and clever as hell so I’m sure you’ll continue to kick arse whatever path you take. Career suggestions? Politics (yep); academia… Xxxx

  25. Lehan Ramsay says:

    I suppose sophie is saying the same thing.

  26. Karol P says:

    Damn gurl, I’ll miss your writing. Your words are like sparklers. Much love xxx

  27. Toni Brockliss says:

    I will miss you Helen.
    You write and I have to look up words in the dictionary for the meaning. Now who is going to broaden my brain? You also cheered me on when I threw my copy of 50 Shades into my fire place.
    Can you at least come back to Twitter? You made me laugh and ponder and snort.
    Please don’t leave me there with Miley, 5 years worth of Big Brother contestants and Shane Warne asking what the temperature is, why his power went out and what day is bin day?

  28. Kirsten says:

    Totally understand Helen but I join the chorus of those who would be a lesser person without your writing. We need it. I need it. You make me think, even if I don’t agree with you. You make me laugh. You make me cry when you write about Eleven. You make me check my privilege. Fuck, you’re one of the only writers in this country worth reading. Please come back soon x

  29. leisa says:

    Hey Helen I’ve read this whole thread & I too want to urge you not to give up writing & socmed. I admit it’s for purely selfish reasons. You see you ignited a part of my brain that had seriously been lacking a workout. The critical thinking part. It’s positively addictive but I’m not very good at it. That part of my brain still needs a prod from a personal trainer & I had selfishly attributed that title to you. I will try to continue on without you, but I just wanted you to know that while your career choice doesn’t pay very much, often it had the desired effect you were looking for. To get people to think & not follow the herd.
    I’ll just say thank-you for awakening that part of my brain & live in hope that your words will again burst from your head so as you have to write. The title of your first piece should be – “Helen Razer: Back By Popular Demand” as it will be true. Until then good luck on your next endeavour.
    Much love
    Leisa x

  30. Lehan Ramsay says:

    What did Tony Abbott say? Something about clawing her way back up, something like that? And after that, something weird. Makes me wonder what happens when the party decides you’re not the kind of “liberal woman” they had in mind.

  31. Lehan Ramsay says:

    Oh wait. You’re not writing about that kind of thing any more. Sorry.

  32. manyana says:

    I was writing op eds but found that swimming in the swallow pool was hollowing out my soul for very little monetary exchange. Being a professional op ed writer brings in a few bucks (very few) but it is really only about skimming the surface of life, and I started to dislike myself for selling out. It is not creative, it is formulaic and you learn what will get published and what won’t. You are loved one minute, out of fashion the next, they love you, they hate you, you are insightful, you are an idiot. And I hate reading most op eds – most pieces are predictable, simplistic, with well worn ideas, appealing to the converted, asking for acceptance, not brave enough to push boundaries of thinking or to risk losing fans, or fearful of upsetting the left or the right. Or they are deliberately anti someone or something, again predictably. The authors of those pieces then sit on TV or radio programs raising their profiles, offering opinions that I don’t need to hear – I can actually think for myself if I have the same facts. I read one great piece in the New York Times last week, but otherwise, most pieces give me nothing new to think about. They are about the short term, central to a world that churns out more and more opinions to satisfy our short attention spans. I just happened upon this page and can relate to what you are saying. But if you swim in that shallow pool, you are a target for hatred, for love, distortions, hollow condemnation and fuzzy admiration, none of which have anything to do with who you are or what you are saying. Maybe you need to do something real – whatever that is – because op-ed writing as a profession is not going to feed your soul and ultimately corrodes your spirit. I feel much more human since I wrote the last piece – it was one of the least creative phases in my life and one of the least satisfying.

  33. Madeleine says:

    Well, I always liked your pieces. Even when I didn’t agree with you (often) you made me think about things in a different way. Which is always worthwhile.

    I do think maybe you can dish it out but can’t take it so well, but it’s very unfortunate you feel so beaten down by critics.

    Good luck with your future endeavours and yes, you’re right, the op-ed market is very overcrowded, there is way too little value placed on good content and I can’t see how that will change.

  34. edenland says:

    Fuck. Who’s going to make us all think, now? Most people are too scaredy to say what they REALLY feel/think/believe. You put it all out there. Which is quite crazy and also awesome.

    I’ve been a freelance writer for ten years. Now EVERYBODY is a freelance writer, and I just can’t even be bothered to pitch anymore.

    You can always guest-post on my blog. I can pay you in either lube or anti-psychotics.

    I’m so, so sorry about Eleven. You’ve a loss in the family – this year, you’ve had a few losses.

    Come back to twitter at least, when you can be arsed. Email me anytime. I fucking dig the shit out of you.


  35. Gretchen says:

    I’ll miss your pieces in Big Issue.

    On the money front, I hope you can find some sort of employment that pays the bills, and leaves you time to write when you feel inspired by events.

  36. Robin Archbold says:

    Tomorrow’s another day, Scarlett. I find you and your writing admirable in every way. Don’t let them shut you up. You are one of the few sensible and fearless commentators out there, and I like the way you write with a thumbnail dipped in acid. Kudos, girl. Archie.

  37. Seren says:

    Wouldn’t take you long to train in teaching. Teach English at an otherwise shitty high school.
    Then you can – oh golly – make a material difference in the lives of some real (but not famous) human beings.
    And you’ll get to look down your nose at self-righteous bloggers.

  38. Buffy says:

    Kickstarter to keep you writing in the short term? We could fund crikey to hire you! Or your new book.

    How do rich writers do it? What does Ita do? You are way cooler then her :) x

  39. Lehan Ramsay says:

    Of course its a shame but people seem to think that it’s really for the best. One of those Training and Assessment courses at TAFE. Sometimes you get a bit of a discount if your work provider counsellor recommends you. It’s for the best really.

  40. caroline says:

    I used to like your writing, but so often these days the tone is so contemptuous of all. I am one of those you have derided for supporting marriage equality, for calling out Mirabella’s cruelty and racism too. You seem these days to save your venom for ordinary people with leftist values. So I won’t miss your commentary (which I have tuned in to for years). I also won’t be surprised if you’re back writing before the end of the year, but whatevs.

  41. Col says:

    Bit late to chime in here, I know. I’ve been waiting for you to come back to Twitter but that hasn’t happened.
    For the record, I do think Mirabella is (was) powerful, in that in all her high profile, ignorant “unapologetic-ness” she emboldened the most racist and ignorant voters out there – just like Bolt. Agree her style doesn’t appeal to the upper class arrogant meanies of the Windschuttle, Reith, Minchin, Howard ilk, who are dangerous in an entirely different way. Loved your Windschuttle comment. Hilarious.
    I stand by my hating on her. I cheered when Bolt lost his Court case, when Tuckey lost his seat and I cheered today when Mirabella conceded. Give me that much.
    It’s a shame you can’t make a living out of writing.
    I turn straight to your page when I buy the Big Issue. Would be a real shame to see you go.
    Super sorry to read about Eleven. I can’t bear to think about saying goodbye to my fur baby. Peace.

  42. Clara says:

    Helen, lots of people said this about Sophie Mirabella. Mark Kenny did. So did Cathy Alexander. Media Watch traversed the same territory this week. It’s part of the discussion. So maybe just for once you could turn around and say to yourself “Hmmm….maybe it really is me after all…” But in the midst of this familiar welter of everybody being mean and stupid and misogynist and critical and hating you and how unfair it is…that doesn’t seem likely…

  43. Carmen says:

    After reading the torrent of hatred fuelled angst, aimed at Mirabella in that Hoopla piece (re corrine grant) – I followed your Gaurdian article link. How refreshing and grounding to read your measured words Helen. I really do think it’s a case of “medication time” for all those negative cyber “darlings” who – in their brief nasty snippets – express way too much unwarranted bitterness. A couple of comments even drew negative attention to Mirabella’s ethnicity. Being of quasi-ethnic decent, I have always admired the toughness she shows. Takes me back to WASPY school yard bullies, who, I vividly recall – would proudly direct verbal barbs toward anyone who had an “ethnic” name. Those cyberdarlings in hoopla seem no different. Just be thankful they don’t live next door to you.

    Blog: 50 Shades of Unemployment

  44. Kylie C says:

    For some reason I didn’t see this post until today, although I have taken a step back from the online world myself due to some personal family issues.

    I have always enjoyed your writing. The powerful part of your writing, for me, is that you make me question what I think. In a very good way. But, you know, people aren’t entirely comfortable when someone or something prompts them to question what they think, so often their answer is to attack the writer’s intentions (as people seem to do to you on a regular basis).

    I want to tell you not to go and to keep writing and all of that stuff, because I LOVE your work and believe that the absence of your writing would be a huge loss. But I can’t. I understand exactly where you are coming from with the money thing. When I was a young tacker I wanted to write exactly the kind of stuff that you are renowned for. I knew, however, that this would mean fuck all money. Forever. So I went down the editing and publishing path instead. Perhaps that was gutless of me, but I’ve never regretted my decision. And there must be something wrong with me, because since I escaped the shallow and soul-destroying arts publishing industry and switched to editing textbooks I’ve been truly happy (not to mention better off financially).

    I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. Perhaps I should be self-editing here. I guess my wish for you is that you are able to find a way of making enough money to pay the bills, but that you also continue writing here. Not for a pay cheque (or bank transfer these days, I assume). But just because you want to.

    Also, had I known that you needed to borrow money to send little Eleven off, I would have handed it over in a heartbeat. I’m all too familiar with having to make such a decision for a pet, and it’s enough stress without having to worry about how to pay the bill afterwards.


  45. Courtney says:

    Helen, I am so sad to hear but I must admit deep down I’m hoping this will become a hiatus because writing seems to be a fundamental part of who you are.

    I’ve often thought the public aren’t really intelligent enough to digest some of your writing and they always reduce their criticisms to you being attention-seeking or inflammatory. It’s always frustrating as a spectator, so I can only imagine what it is like for you.

    Please know there are some of us out there who DO get your arguments! I especially love how they’re always complex and point to the the many layers that make up society. You are someone I very much look up to and wish there were more writers with an academic understanding and fearlessness in the Australian media.

  46. Wendy says:

    Helen do start a subscription site, you’re quite right to suggest your work is worth so much more than the pathetic amounts contribs are paid. Don’t desert your loyal readers, offer them a chance to pay a fair price for your words. In the meantime let em (us) get a feel for what they’ll (we’ll) be missing and have a breather. Your productivity’s been so massive this year, you’ve earned a rest. Take care xx

  47. tina with ethnic chip says:

    Oh for fucks sake Helen…

    Miss Hellenic Princess was a Wog from hell!!

    Of course “they”don’t want her back.

    Keep writing darls….


  48. tina says:

    Oh for goodness sake Helen

    Miss Hellenic Princess was a nasty old WOG

    Short and sweet

    please…please…please come back DARLS




  49. phyllis stein says:

    Well you do write to provoke, but apparently the rewards and responses are not what you hoped for. I suspect this rather maudlin post will prove to be a bit previous. Perhaps try a better agent, or tight deadlines, or a mundane job that leaves you so little time to write that it becomes a pleasure and a privilege again.

  50. Chris says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. You’re a right-wing moron parading in left attire and you contribute nothing of use to progressive debate in this country. Get lost.

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