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Lady. Where did our blog go?

Yes. This blog is a boneyard. For this, we have capitalism and its hunger for human life and leisure to blame.
Well. That and my recent discovery that I’d rather speak into a microphone for no money than type into a CMS for no money.
Oh, podcasts. All the “kids” (by which we mean former mainstream media employees of advanced midlife) have several, and I have but one.
I may be moved again to write something here. I shan’t abandon this wreck ravaged by spambots. (Please note that links from text that describe weight loss, cash gain or willies are not my work, but that of some algorithmic monster whose trickery I’ve neither time nor expertise to undo.)
Anyhow. My most unprofessional thoughts are now available free via iTunes etc. Or, you may press the “play” looking graphic below and find the newest episode of Knackers and the Vadge.

One Response to “Lady. Where did our blog go?”

  1. Helen Razer says:

    Again. My sincere apologies for the mess this site has become.

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