Women Against Women Against Revolution

Women Against Feminism may be apolitical and unformed And just because they are a bit stupid and trollish doesn’t mean they don’t have a point. Like the kids of the Riots, they don’t know what they were rebelling against. But they were rebelling against something. A consumer culture, perhaps, that blared temptation at them but denied them the means to partake of it. They couldn’t articulate it. But this doesn’t mean that their actions weren’t eloquent.

Charlotte Dawson Was Better Than You

TweetCharlotte Dawson who was found dead today at her apartment in Woolloomooloo was a glorious, unreasonable, intelligent, impatient, compassionate, reasonable, garrulous and really really really incredibly good-looking 47-year-old hot mess. Like most humans, she was complex. Actually, fuck that. She…