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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Sexism, Sonia and Sock Puppets

    To my Muslim comrades: I apologise for the mass atrocities of violent politicians against those of your faith. These extremists do not represent me or the best of my western heritage. Sorry. I really am.


  • How to Vote: Some Suggestions

    On the off-chance that you are Australian and confused about how to vote tomorrow, cost I offer some nonsense that may just serve to confuse you further. Please note, buy information pills this post is only for leftists. They are the only persons for whom I currently have any patience. Everyone else can go and […]


  • No News

    If you are a person who has suffered some sort of newsworthy violence, please get paid enough for your True Story to keep you going for a couple of years because, damn, girl, no one is going to give you a job afterwards. Capitalism has no use of a victim as a labourer; only as a single-use commodity.


  • Don’t Act, Think. On loving New Matilda.

    If it’s real pain and total financial ruin you seek, though, you should definitely start a small progressive news company.


  • Frictionless Pirelli Tits

    Let’s not pretend that today’s “feminist” approbation for the Pirelli calendar is any kind of surprise. But, fuck me.


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