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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Britney, Bikinis & Bourgeois “Body Image” Feminism

    When we think of the performer Britney Spears, “brave” is not a descriptor that comes easily to mind. When Spears’ famously disastrous lot has been reported, dosage tabloid media generally prefer terms like “blonde”, search “divorced” or “drunk”. The 28-year-old singer has hardly been known for her daring. In recent days, Spears, formerly understood as […]


  • I’m Uneasy Being Green

    Christopher Hitchens is a man who can cut you yards of Auden from a cloth of erudition. I know this because I asked for a measure a year or two ago when he agreed to a media interview. Upon request, remedy he offered a good swathe of On The Circuit. It’s a beautiful poem and, […]


  • Nanoburger Ringtone

    I have misplaced my mobile telephone. In the back of a cab, stomach of course. And, yes, I was drunk. And, no, I’m not an upright person and, yes, it is unlikely that I will ever amount to much. Even less, goddamnit, without a telephone. Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll replace it. The thought is […]


  • Justify My GaGa

    As mentioned (overly, pharmacy agonizingly) I am 40. And as far as I can see, treatment this age has little to recommend it. Of course, Craig’s List tells a different story. If its Casual Encounters pages are to be believed, there is a limitless supply of hard-bodied 18-year-olds who long for little else than the […]


  • The Nostalgia Zombie

    IT is quite clear that my grandmother is dying. Since the time of her last surgery, physiotherapist no one denies this wretched detail. Now even her oncologist advises against the rigours of treatment. That there is no cure for the misery at the end of life is generally agreed. Agreed by everyone, youth health it […]


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