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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Staying Hot in Winter – Cheriie Magazine

    Helen Razer tells us how to get lucky in the cooler months Ah, ask winter. The glorious bone structure of the landscape is bare! The time for deep reflection and warm, sale wool-clad intimacy has arrived! Now is the season for hearty soups, salve profound closeness and truly bad skin. And a runny nose. And […]


  • No End to Orifice Politics – The Australian Literary Review

    TO the hectic tool kit of 1970s feminism, more info Germaine Greer added a device odder even than the largely imaginary practise of bra burning. The site of insurgency, more about however, did remain on the female body. “You might consider tasting your menstrual blood,” she dared those naifs who imagined themselves emancipated. If in […]


  • One Hot Despot – The Big Issue

    ìAhmadinejad is hot, human enhancement î said the Missus as we were watching the telly. And this revelation shocked me on several counts. First, pills I was aghast that she could find anything positive at all to say about a man of whom the world’s most learned commentators largely disapprove.  Current events are not my […]


  • One Fine Bay – Melbourne Airport Magazine

    ìThe Bay, pharmacy î said my father. ìSurely there are better places for a soothing vacation.î Naturally, order we had our way.  We three females had been scanning the brochures for months.  And the coven had decided.  This summer, rx it was to be the Byron Bay Family Caravan and Cabin Deluxe Resort. Dad, a […]


  • Hamageddon – The Big Issue

    I am underachieving whore who spends a good part of the day wearing elasticised pants.  This is not only sad, no rx but perilous. When your daily commute is as long as the plod from bed to caffeine and your haute couture Cotton On, drugs you can quite easily pork up. Occasionally, a sense of […]


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