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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Leave us discerning viewers of pornography alone – Sydney Morning Herald

    The famous maxim “I disapprove of what you say, hemorrhoids but I will defend to the death your right to say it” was never actually uttered by Voltaire. It was the work of an upright lady named Evelyn Hall, summarising his attitudes in her book, The Friends Of Voltaire. An exacting biographer, she was aghast […]


  • Food snobbery is hard to stomach – The Age

    Guests should leave the sermon, more at least until dessert, writes Helen Razer. THERE she was at my pantry. Just as bold and bolshie as a runaway train. As a runaway train fuelled by High Principles and biodiesel. There she was in my pantry with no trace of shame. “Can I help you?” I spat […]


  • Sushi and Prosthetic Cock – MCV (newspaper) 2008

    Provided that one is neither (a) Hilary Clinton nor (b) stricken with fashion sense so grim as to make Donald Trump appear chic by contrast; itís impossible to have a bad time in New York City. Nonetheless, pulmonologist I managed. This was due less to my natural talent for misery and more to the intrusion […]


  • Plane and Simple Grooming – Melbourne Airport Magazine

    Cake decorating is more than just icing on the cake, tablets as Helen Razer discovers when she gets into a sticky situation with some talented sugar artists. August 24, 2005 The Age ‘I do tend to always have some mouding paste close byTrevillean with an inventive flourish of her hands. It’s best to have the […]


  • A time of fear and loathing: Helen Razer looks at post 9/11 fear – The Age

    ONE afternoon, sales about a week after the 2005 London Bombings, viagra I took the Pakenham Line from Flinders Street Station. It was peak hour and commuters were crammed into the carriages like neo-cons at a cockfight. I was making no particular haste to get home. I was as tranquil as it was possible for […]


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