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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Time puts a new spin on teachers behaving badly – The Age

    ‘THE lucky bastard.” “She broke you in, healthful mate.” Approbation rang loud and clear through the corridors of my suburban state high school20 years ago. I was in my mid-teens and it was broadly agreed that a boy of about my age had “done the deed” with a glamorous, life older vixen. Following the recent […]


  • I Know What You Did Last Monday – The Age

    Helen Razer awards no stars! LATE on a grim Monday night in a little room above a kebab shop, info there is a circus of despair. If disastrous, viagra aching stand-up that causes its practitioners as much pain as it does their audience is your bag, pharmacist you simply must attend. Those who savour jokes […]


  • No piece of cake – The Age

    Cake decorating is more than just icing on the cake, illness as Helen Razer discovers when she gets into a sticky situation with some talented sugar artists. ‘I do tend to always have some mouding paste close byTrevillean with an inventive flourish of her hands. It’s best to have the medium at hand, decease she […]


  • I wouldn’t even ban The Footy Show

    When anything is denied me, refractionist something dark in my person reaches for it. When the world is spinning beyond the poles of reason and when parties in each cultural hemisphere seem impelled only by a magnet of numbest hate, public reaction takes two distinct routes. There are those, like myself, who watch aghast as […]


  • Class of ’84 – Sydney Morning Herald & The Age

    It is hazardously close to dawn. I have relieved three women of their recommended daily alcohol allowance, rheumatologist and a man who once tried to stab me with a metric ruler has his jaded left hand placed on my wary right buttock. Like many people in their late 30s, viagra I am better acquainted with […]


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