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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • Atheists Against Atheism

    Across this past decade, women’s health I have often asked of the air, this site “What the cock is it with atheism?”. Being nitrogen, cialis 40mg oxygen and argon, the air is ill-equipped to answer. As are atheists. I have read their books which do not provide answers as to why I should be bothered […]


  • A Troll in the Park

    So. Apparently, audiologist there is a single and notable target of “trolls” and it is wet liberal mildly reformist ladies who are paid for their average opinions.  Yes. Really. The evidence is clear and shocking we read today from Julia Baird, according to Pew Research Centre, 5 per cent of women online said they had […]


  • It’s not the crocodiles you can see.

    There has never been a time when our hearts are forced to break in so many directions. So it only makes sense that charities would use the rational tools of the marketplace. Who can blame them?


  • The OS is the Window(s) to the Vision

    So. I’m on top of EVERYTHING except an operating system crisis. And for this, I blame not myself but The System.

    Actually, the Operating System.


  • The Body of the Condemned

    In attacking the body of an individual to achieve justice, a number of unintended consequences are produced. The public torture—or as we have now the public censure—was eventually seen to achieve the very opposite of its intention.


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