Paglia, Pugilism and Pants-less Threat

And in one narrow sense it was privilege that brought us the feminism of the early 1990s. The time to think is a luxury afforded only to a handful of journalists and academics and one produced by a lifetime of good luck. But, good movements need good ideas and it would just be silly, for example, to say that Karl Marx should not be read because he is elite.

The Bernardi Blaze and Bait

Bernardi spouts a load of evangelical barrel-scraping at a pitch unheard by middle Australia but enjoyed absolutely by a public now so busy writing righteous SLASH emotional status updates about HER EXPERIENCES to a chorus of YOU GO GIRL™ that Government can resume doing whatever it likes without the bother of its opponents looking at anything.

Happy New Year, You Cock

I’ve heard a lot about “safe spaces” in 2013. You know, the term didn’t always mean “an assembly of dills committed to say nothing even mildly provocative”. Now, it is used to advertised readings of awful feminist poetry and end-of-year performances for remedial Circus Arts graduates.