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The Untidy House of Helen Razer

  • The Body of the Condemned

    In attacking the body of an individual to achieve justice, a number of unintended consequences are produced. The public torture—or as we have now the public censure—was eventually seen to achieve the very opposite of its intention.


  • Skip Ahead to the Comments

    I mean. No one reads a fucking thing any more apart from the headline and the comments so why not just jump ahead to the rage?


  • The Hand that Rocks the Banana

    If we listen carefully, we can hear the soft click of a MacBook Air writing Sincere Objection to another celebrity misstep.


  • Buy The Nauru Government Something Nice!

    You might have read today that Nauru government has hiked the single-entry media visa from $200 to $8000.


  • Paglia, Pugilism and Pants-less Threat

    And in one narrow sense it was privilege that brought us the feminism of the early 1990s. The time to think is a luxury afforded only to a handful of journalists and academics and one produced by a lifetime of good luck. But, good movements need good ideas and it would just be silly, for example, to say that Karl Marx should not be read because he is elite.


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