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Skip Ahead to the Comments

Update: the piece to which I refer in this post is now live here. It s behind a paywall which you can scale by signing up for a free trial. Which isn’t a big deal and demands little personal information.

I thought I’d get in early with the hate-tweeting about tomorrow’s piece in Crikey.

I mean. No one reads a fucking thing any more apart from the headline and the comments so why not just jump ahead to the rage?


If you have a Twitter account and you could post the text

“Again, Razer proves herself a misogynist. Cancelled my subscription @crikey_news #Misogyny”

I’d be super grateful as I can get your Didn’t Read It But Hate You Anyway anger out of the way ahead of publication and get on with finishing this dang book.

Make Up Your Mind Before Reading!

Make Up Your Mind Before Reading!

19 Responses to “Skip Ahead to the Comments”

  1. Carlene says:

    “Again, Razer proves herself a misogynist. Cancelled my subscription @crikey_news #Misogyny

  2. tqft says:

    Such anger. Understandable in a world of derp.

    Stay strong.

  3. Wyn Richards says:

    I read somewhere that she’s a misandrist. Ah well. Cancelled my subscription anyway. She cancelled my Twitter subscription though over an ill-timed joke :(

  4. CAP says:

    I just clicked on the links to the right of my page and I can’t even look at your twitter or facebook anymore although I’m still getting this feed (until now I’ve pointed that fact out I guess). I want to say something supportive but ironically I feel a little unfairly judged myself. I’ve listened to you and been a fan of your writing for 20years. I didn’t think you’d shy of debate being so vocal and argumentative yourself, but perhaps you are far more sensitive than you appear.

    Good luck with your trolls Helen, but please know some of us you may be thinking are trolls actually like you and aren’t trolling; we simply like the dialogue and discussion and figure you are making a serious point and that feedback is not such bad thing. You’ve shared your thoughts, we are sharing back. It will either strengthen your resolve or point you in new directions, both of which are good, and you have the same effect on us. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything intended to offend you or attack you personally in any way, so I’m not sure your reasons for blocking me. I may have a tendency to tease at times but only people I like… so perhaps that’s what put me in the bad books. Being too familiar in my demeanour with someone I don’t know. But surely I score points for at least waiting for you to say something before I say anything about it… and I say it to you not my twitter minions.

    • Helen Razer says:

      What are you talking about?

    • Helen Razer says:

      CAP. This post is a gag and asks for a reaction before publication. It is not “poor me” but (a) a way to get more views for my posts and (b) a mild statement on the way in which people tend just to skip to their opinions.

      • CAP says:

        I still feel sad about your exodus from the twitter and facebook platforms if that’s what it is… although slightly less spanked which is nice I suppose.

        So my pre-emptive reaction is that you need to give me notice whenever you make these decisions so I can emotionally prepare myself. If you can also send me proofs of your blogs in advance with the jokes highlighted in yellow and the serious stuff in blue, so when I do read your blogs I can react accordingly, that’d be great.


  5. Ms Ojiny says:

    I’m so angry I feel like signing up for Crikey so I can cancel my subscription.

    You are literally Hitler, Helen.

  6. Barking says:

    So, you’re saying Bolt’s a feminised cultural warrior orc, Plibersek’s an emasculated counter-cultural shield maiden, and both are unwittingly running interference for the true enemy of civilisation – Turnbull and his silken Ilk, who administer the actual structures of ever-intensifying capitalist exploitation beyond a veil of mass ignorance? Hence, ignore the hype and arm for (intellectual) action!
    Sorry, Helen, but I seriously think your certainty – that is to say, the adequacy of your critique – is philosophically unfounded. The Marxian diagnosis of capitalism’s inhumanity – despite all its sociological brilliance – is wrong. The crucible of injustice itself evolves. Capitalism isn’t injustice incarnate: Human society is – and is so inevitably. After capitalism there will be injustice again. And again. And so on, forever. (Yep, we’re only human.)
    The Powerful temporarily conceded creation of the liberal democratic welfare state solution (following the World Wars, largely brought about by its absence), but today will no longer abide it: Too expensive (skivers!) and too offensive (fags!). That’s where we are today. To call the Powerful a ‘Ruling Class overdue for deposing’ though assumes a solution outside and beyond human politics. Marx totally disregarded the labour value of the (adaptive) intellect of the capitalists, and so completely underestimated their vital social utility. And why would such adaptive individuals ever go into the darkness quietly anyway? The better psychopaths of our species invariably congregate with them, after all.
    Bolt and Plibersek would surely love politics to disappear (leaving each their preferred but very different elite to rule). Many suspect though – perhaps, more, hope – Turnbull is more democrat than liberal. What this speaks to is an inchoate sense of yearning for democratic politics, our only tool to combat injustice as it inevitably emerges and evolves. This is what must be kept alive in the coming dark days of the Abbott regime. Abbott and co will seek simply to shut down a democratic implementation of rights, while Plibersek and co will seek simply to pass down a technocratic adaptation of rights. Neither should win our allegiance, but one deserves our true contempt.

  7. Tough Love says:

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts Helen. Don’t let the pseudo-progressive social media lemmingfest get you down!

  8. Crumble Needy says:

    helen! wtf? i really wish you would stay on twitter but that is very selfish of me i suppose. would you at least link to that longform meme thingy you’d tweeted in the past few days? that was ace, but now it’s gone from my feed and you’re gone and meh.

  9. Crumble Needy says:

    pretty please?