Tired? Eat too much? Irritable? Congrats, you’re depressed.

In a stab at “reputation management”, online which is what overpriced fuckers are calling self-promotion these days, surgery I list recent writing published online.
(Bound to remain out-of-date at all times other than those when I have a book overdue to the publisher.)
Mar ’16
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Feb ’16
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Jan ’16
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Dec ’15
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Nov ’15
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Oct ’15
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Sep ’15
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Feb ’15
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If youíve seen a GP in the last fifteen years, website
you are likely familiar with the rhythm of a checklist.  Do you feel distracted, medic
irritable or empty? Are you unable to sleep or unable to wake? Do you eat too much or too little? http://www.mental-health-today.com/dep/dsm.htm Check five of the boxes in a diagnostic code and agree that these have been present for a fortnight. Congratulations. Youíre depressed.
In 1994 the American Psychiatric Association published its fourth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for mental disorders (DSM). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnostic_and_Statistical_Manual_of_Mental_Disorders  Here, cure
youíll find the one-size-fits-most measure for Depressive Disorder. Youíll also find Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder and Nicotine Dependence; nuisances some of us prefer to know as snoring and smoking.
The taxonomy of bad habits and crappy moods would be funny if the DSM-V wasnít such a blockbuster.  Millions, possibly billions, will be judged against its criteria.  This is the foremost tool for diagnosis of mental disorders in the United States and its influence here is great.
Professor Louise Newman, academic, practitioner and President Elect of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, says of the document, ìItís widely referred to and used.î  However, she says, the DSM-V is not quite the bible it is in the US.
Newman agrees that there is a local tendency to, ìthe medicalisation of normal experience and sadness.î  She believes that therapists should not rely on the DSM-IV alone but take into account a patientís, ìlived experience and their meaning for that person it a social and cultural context.î  She sounds like a good shrink.
There are those, however, who take the DSM-IV at its word. Youíre not going to hear the question, ìtell me about youíre motherî uttered much these days. Depression can now be diagnosed free from any social or cultural mooring.  According to the DSM-IV, the ìbereavement exclusionî, or the death of a loved one, is the sole instance in which a practitioner might look at a patientís life before diagnosing. And, before prescribing.  Estimates suggest that more than 12 million prescriptions for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (Prozac and all its chemical cousins) are prescribed, primarily by GPs, annually in Australia.
GPs, government campaigns and organisations like Beyond Blue are heavily influenced by the DSMís context-frees tyle. Newman says, ìWe have a particular popular culture that looks for explanatory models that are probably too simplistic.î What we also have is a new revision of the DSM.
The DSM-V is due for publication in 2012. In the lead up to the revision, some scholars and policy makers have been campaigning for a document less inclined to medicalise the everyday.  It seems, however, that the opposite has been true.
A raft of disorders, it seems, will be added to the document. Naturally, Internet Addiction Disorder is among them.  Reports suggest that buying too many clothes, having too few FaceBook friends and anger at job loss will be among them. http://www.slate.com/id/2223479/ Youíre not broke. In fact, you have post-traumatic embitterment disorder.
To the indignation of many, notably the editor of the DSM-IV Allen Frances, participants at the American Psychiatric Association conference have been asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/display/article/10168/1425378
Frances demanded transparency.  He also suggested that psychiatry had enjoyed so few scientific breakthroughs across the last two decades that a new edition was futile.
And heís right.  Psychiatry has virtually no ìbiological markersî.  It doesnít have urine tests or magnetic imaging to determine the mental health of a patient.  It has the DSM.
Naturally, members of the APA were aghast.  Some suggested that Frances was attempting to buoy his royalty cheque by extending the life of his own revision.
Then, Frances suggested that the new document was nothing but, ìa bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry.î And many pundits agreed. http://www.alternet.org/story/142111/how_pharma_giants_are_getting_rich_by_calling_our_life_problems_%27medical_disorders%27/
The insult trading continues. http://pn.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/44/16/4
In the meantime, a group of shrinks are sitting around and concocting new mental disorders.  And this will have, at the very least, two consequences.
First, the  estimate by the World Health Organization that by 2020, depression will mental health will be leading health concern of the world should be right on target.  http://www.who.int/mental_health/management/depression/definition/en/
Second, real mental illness will go trivialized and untreated by a profession that devotes its therapeutic attention to curing World of Warcraft ìaddictionî .