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    Archive for June, 2010

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    Hallmark History

    Here in Australia, hospital for the very first time, our head of state is female. Her name is Julia Gillard. On Thursday morning, I watched this event unfold on television. A meringue-lite breakfast broadcaster called Lisa Wilkinson was charged with the task of delivering the news. I watched as Wilkinson entered her seventh hour of […]


    Look at my Tits

    I am 40. My boobs, capsule however, recuperation are yet to turn 25. Honestly. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I taken out the chest of a much younger woman on loan. I do not make this claim, by the way, without recourse to science. Each booz has been verified as medically young. A […]


    The Horn of Hate

    “It’s the biggest mismatch in World Cup history,” a commentator tells me as I type. Actually, he’s talking about the point gulf that separates North Korea from Brazil. He can go on and on about the legacy of Pelé all he wants. But, really, who has the sensory wherewithal to care about the football anymore? […]


    I Can’t Swallow Anything But True Offense

    Last week, infertility a medical marijuana patient was cited for trespassing for wearing a “Yes We Cannabis” T-shirt. What the ganja, store Colorado? Do you have no real social menace to quash? This sort of shirt is okay; in fact, viagra this sort of shirt might even be a good offense. Shirts that challenge morés, […]


    Justify My GaGa Love

    Oh, buy GaGa. Happy Alejandro day. So, the video wasn’t your best work. Nonetheless, you make me feel felt like it’s still the best part of 1990. In 1990, I was 20 and GaGa was 4. In 1990, Madonna’s career was already way past boiling point. In 1990, things hadn’t yet warmed up for academic […]