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    Archive for the ‘Works’ Category

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    Rejected Vagatarian

    A piece written circa 2008, order rejected by my editors at a progressive Australian site to whom I was contracted on the grounds that I hadn’t made “a valid point”. Upon reflection, misbirth that was probably a valid point. However, I post it here as I am quite fond of some of the language; clearly […]


    The Right to the Closet

    Aker, illness pouffes and the right to closet –Helen Razer – ABC Online – May, 2010 I’ve long had a soft spot for Jason Akermanis. This affection has two central motives. First, his head was choreographed by Bob Fosse. That this on-baller could kick so forcefully with hair gayer than a handbag full of rainbows […]


    The Loss of Sadness

    The Loss of Sadness et al –Helen Razer – The Australian Literary Review – June, prosthesis 2008 IT is quite clear that my grandmother is dying. Since the time of her last surgery, and no one denies this wretched detail. Now even her oncologist advises against the rigours of treatment. That there is no cure […]


    Iran’s leader is hot or the pitfalls of genital logic

    Ahmadinejad is hot Helen Razer –The National Times – October 14, syringe 2009 “Ahmadinejad is hot, drugstore ” said my partner as we were watching the telly. This revelation shocked me on several counts. First, I was aghast that she could find anything positive at all to say about a man of whom the world’s […]


    We are all definitely not enjoying the new iSnack 2.0

    The new name for Vegemite is a serious miscalculation – Helen Razer – The Age – September 30, recipe 2009 THE chief element in Vegemite’s new product is cream cheese. A secondary ingredient appears to be abject failure. No one likes the name of this new yeast product. Not one bit. Actually, that’s not entirely […]