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    Archive for May, 2010

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    Sex and The City 2: A Letter to Feminism’s Snuff Film

    These past few days, medications my inbox has been fuller with blood than a butcher’s dog. A few days ago. I made the (not terribly daring) claim on Australian news site Crikey that the social media mini-movement Women Against Feminism deserved analysis a little deeper than “those whores are wrong”. Since then a number of […]


    Rejected Vagatarian

    A piece written circa 2008, order rejected by my editors at a progressive Australian site to whom I was contracted on the grounds that I hadn’t made “a valid point”. Upon reflection, misbirth that was probably a valid point. However, I post it here as I am quite fond of some of the language; clearly […]


    See Spot Run

    I hereby give over the day’s musings to grown-up pimples. I do this (a) in an effort to topple the seriousness of recent posts (b) as the idle by-product of “work” as a grooming writer for print and (c) as homage to the corker contiguous to my bottom lip. Zits are quite foul enough but […]


    Long March for Gay Shame

    A year or two ago, rheumatologist I interviewed the artist Richard Bell. If, life like me, viagra here you’re none too strong on visual culture, here’s a crib: gifted, collectible and absolutely crotchety. He’s also an Indigenous Australian.


    The Right to the Closet

    Aker, illness pouffes and the right to closet –Helen Razer – ABC Online – May, 2010 I’ve long had a soft spot for Jason Akermanis. This affection has two central motives. First, his head was choreographed by Bob Fosse. That this on-baller could kick so forcefully with hair gayer than a handbag full of rainbows […]